About Us

Starting from when I was young, to be precise when I was in high school …. I saw that the style or way of clothes for young people was almost the same … which was trendy and almost resembled one another.
It started appearing in my mind … why should it be the same? … because to design something unique is not that difficult, just need an idea that is new, fresh, and different from others …
So I started to make my own design which is very simple but unique. I took the design to a fashion maker to make it happen. It turned out that this worked … and many of my friends admired it.
After that I almost never wear generic clothes anymore, I always add my own creations so that it’s always different from others. But I have never tried to make my hobby into a piece of work that I commercialized until now.

After many years, until the time when we were hit by a pandemic that has gripped the lives of almost all of humanity. At a time when almost everyone sat at home without any activity, including me for almost ten months sitting quietly at home. An old idea arose in my mind, “why should I sit quietly without trying a new activity, even from inside the house”.
So something that has long been forgotten arises again …tinkering with clothing designs, especially those that often come to my mind, is a bit vintage but with new touches.
But this time I promise myself that what is now is not just a hobby, but to be enjoyed by the general public who were there. So I decided to start designing again and I will dedicate it to all of you.

So by creating AXALAM Shop I hope that my works can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to wear them … Enjoy my ancient idea but it is very unique and original, and colored with touches of various cultures … because in my life I always move places. .. from Southeast Asia then the Middle East and finally settled in Europe ….

The commitments.

Our partners print the products with care at all fulfillment centers in North America and Europe, as well as facilities across the globe.

Each facility has implemented corporate social responsibility initiatives, like LED lighting and recycling programs for paper, plastic, and glass. All ink waste is disposed of to meet environmental regulations. They also donate damaged products to charitable organizations.